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(and yes,  WEDDINGS  are among my favourites).

To do this, I use all the tools I know. And often I look for or come up with new ones.

Monica Ferraris is a professional and a volcano of ideas. The wedding she dreamed up for my husband and me (and my daughters), perfectly represented us and our idea of our greatest day. However the most incredible thing is that she understood what we wanted, even before we could actually imagine it ourselves. Monica made our wedding absolutely unique.

Felicita, Bride

Originality, creativity, but also elegance, sophistication and attention to the smallest of details!

We always felt guided and inspired by Monica, who — with her amazing ideas — truly personalised and tailored every single thing on us!

We could not have found anyone better! Highly recommended!

Federica, Sposa

Monica is a volcano of ideas, surprises and endless experience, thus making her perfect for us brides, who are unaware of the amount of details that need to kept in mind when organising a wedding! We could not have found anyone better!

She made our wedding unforgettable, and quite frankly, this wouldn’t have been possible without her!

More than positive feedback for our super wedding planner.

Chiara, Sposa

. If I had to associate a few words to Monica, these would surely be “intelligence” and “sensitivity”, that perhaps in Monica’s case would be “intellibility” or “sensigence“…and you realise it, when seeing you worried, she asks you: “But what do YOU like? What do YOU want to do ?” She makes you catch your breath and then she listens. She gives you your space and then defends it, when you perhaps can’t do so yourself, and in an instant she takes you back into that wonderful reality, that is so imbibed with you that it moves you. And you wonder how she’d done it.

Anna, Bride

We had no doubts and so it was! Our wedding day was the best organised event of our my life. And to think it was the most important event of my/our life! Monica understood us, and she read us to perfection and introduced us to a world of games, colours, unusual combinations and great taste that admirably represented our way of being and our desire to celebrate this important day. I blindly recommend That Day to all future brides and to people who want to organise an event with the guarantee of an excellent outcome.

Marta, Bride

I found Monica’s website online while I was trying to figure out if I could afford a wedding planner and I filled in her form. We met a year before my wedding date and it was instant love! Since we live abroad, we chose nearly everything by email, but it was fantastic to elaborate the concept based on our personalities and characteristics, and to work on every detail with creativity and attention to detail. My guests still tell me to this date that it is the best wedding they have ever attended and that the day was perfect in every way! If I could I would get married once again to redo this trip with Monica!

Giulia, Bride

Monica is just the wedding planner that all brides dream of having at their side in their THAT DAY! She is a strategic planner, attentive to details, a volcano of creativity and .. she is so spectacular in transform your imagination into reality that anything becomes possible! Monica is a step ahead. I adore her and her way of working.. I will be grateful to her forever!

Marta B., Bride