You have sought and selected your suppliers and defined all the details of the service with them. You did good! But on That Day to want to have eyes only for him and for your guests. You do not want any worries. You no not want to ask your Bridesmaid to place booklets in church, nor your mother to fill up her car with all those pretty gifts you have purchased. You do not want to find yourself having to call the chauffeur who has gone to the wrong house, or to discover at the last minute that the chairs are wrong and the DJ is dressed like a Hawaiian surfer. You don’t like these surprises! You want someone who can check that the agreement terms are met and has the time and experience to overcome last-minute problems.

I can offer this kind of help and more.

How does it work?

Two or three weeks before the date we will meet for three hours at my office and we will review all contracts/agreements with your suppliers. If necessary, I will suggest some changes or additions.

Then you notify all suppliers that you have hired a person who will be coordinating them on-site.

If I don’t know the locations I will arrange a site inspection (possibly with you).

I exchange views with them to ensure that the agreements are clear and to check their timelines and logistics.

Then I prepare and share the Run-sheet and Contact Sheet with all of them.

At the end of the event I collect all materials left over/lost by your Guests, I make sure the Packing list is compiled, and, if necessary, I distribute the balances of payments to suppliers.

That Day I am on-site all the time: I am generally the first to arrive and the last to leave, but we decide this together also based on the complexity of the event.


– you can supplement this service with “Coordinated Suite“, “Pampering for your guests!” and “Rentals”.

– before taking the job I’ll ask which suppliers are involved

– this service can be requested only TWO MONTHS before the date (availability to be confirmed)

What is the investment?

from € 900.00 + VAT (depending on the complexity of the event), including 10 hours on-site the day of the event and an assistant. If for any logistical complexity I need a real alter ego (someone who can “be me” in a second location), then we will need a “senior” assistant at an extra flat fee of € 100.00.

Each extra hour beyond the 10 will be additionally charged at € 45,00 + VAT. Travel expenses are not included (over 30km from Turin centre) and will be additionally charged “at cost” (reimbursement of fuel and toll charges).

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