The wedding of Dirk and Elena is online. One thing that I really liked about that wedding was the “First Look” photo session. It was my first time ;-)

The bride and groom, for various reasons, may want to go to the church / municipality hall/ ceremony place together or may simply want to meet before the ceremony. In this case, a “First Look” portrait session could be a nice moment to stop over time and give excellent results. The groom waits for the bride by giving her back and turning only when she is in front of him. But I also saw a beautiful first look where the couple give their hands without seeing each other: different solutions can be explored.

The couple overflows with emotion and expectation. The tension disappears. If well organized this session can allow us to dedicate the right time to the shooting without forcing the couple to leave their guests as it happens for the session after session the ceremony / before the reception (even if quick, at least half an hour fly away very quickly). The bride and groom are rested, the bride has just been made up (make up and hair are perfect), if a rainy day the dress is still intact. If the wedding is in the late afternoon or if it’s winter, the light is still good. There are many good reasons, right?

Dear bride, if you are in a position to do so, pls consider to organize a First Look. It ‘s very easy that in this session of shots there is your best photo of That Day. The one that you will frame and keep as a desktop for at least the next three years ;-)


Photo: Carla Penoncelli