My speciality. The service I love most. The one that allows me to give my very best. I hold your hand on the journey from start to finish. A beautiful and fun trip. Extremely fun. For me this means a lot — really a lot — of work. It is therefore a service I can offer to only a few brides per season to ensure an excellent quality of service. So first of all you will need to check my availability. If you are interested do it now!


It’s for you if:

  • you want your wedding be an Experience, able to resonate and engage with them, so that your love and happiness will be shared
  • you saw my portfolio and you like the idea of adding meaning to your event
  • you don’t have time or skills to organize the wedding of your dream
  • you want to enjoy That Day and also the days before ;-)
  • you want to make the most of your budget/reasources
  • you want a team fully dedicated and result oriented
  • you need to stay focused at work and relaxed at home 

Not for you if:

  • you think that once you buy the dress and book the restaurant, it’s pretty done
  • you judge the photographer by the number of pictures to be delivered
  • you want tons of hearts/bows/tulle


With this service you can make sure that:

  • your wedding will be a super-duper-wedding, remembered for ever by your guests
  • I will hold your hand from the very beginning to the very end
  • take advantage of my experience (+10 years in events), my knowledge, my mindset, my relationship with suppliers and also my special treatment/discounted rates;-)
  • make the most of you time/resources
  • you will have your complete project always accessible and always with you (later on I’ll tell you how)

How does it work?

You contact me to check my availability (in your mail please specify date / month / period desired).

I will answer within 24 hours confirming my availability and will send you a link to complete an online questionnaire.

We set an appointment via Zoom (the platform we use for our live calls): we get to know each other a little better, we share a few considerations on the individual topics and on the budget.

Ok, now we understand each other and find out that we are a good fit!

I will send you a detailed proposal for my services and a simulation of the overall budget. We sign a letter of engagement, we make a toast and we start!

I create and upload your project onto the web-based platform, which we will be accessible by you, your future spouse and myself, and we move forward at full speed! Yes, you read that right, it is web-based, so it is ideal if you spouses live in two different cities or even in two different countries. We will have a virtual room of our own where we can communicate. A single shared repository, with all the information accessible at all times, wherever you are. This platform will neatly hold all our communication and documents exchanges. Isn’t that wonderful ?

@THATDAY, the project management platform we’ll use


Let me give you a special gift! It’s called “Welcome Bride! series”. Every time we face a new topic (in the “smart” order/sequence you’ll be explained), you’ll find on Trello a special Guide I created for you, to make you aware of the opportunities, the market offers, the average prices, the threats, the tools we’ll use to make things easier, how we’ll move on from “what?” to “done!”. You can read it on your tablet/smartphone in the evening, in the lunch break or whenever it’s more convenient for you and for you busy day schedule (I know my dear bride, you are super busy!). When you are done, we speak “the same language” and we can start to deep dive the supplier selection and the details of the service.


@THATDAY, the “Welcome Bride!” ebooks series


First things are the Inspiration Board and the brief. Then we move on locations, and then, in sequence, the other services/suppliers in an order that will be described to you.

Probably the most challenging phases for you will be the first two months of work set-up and the last one, because some tasks can only be completed closer to the end date. The journey we make together can take anywhere between six and nine months. Sometimes we can start even before to secure locations high in demand.

Short notice? my record is three weeks from the first contact to the event, so if you are late or if you need to run for any reason, don’t worry! My hamsters car spin the wheels at supersonic speeds! I just hope to be still available. You can try to ask!

We’ll have great fun and we will toast with a nice glass of wine each milestone ;-)

You can integrate this service with “Coordinated Suite“, “Pampering for your guests!” and “Rentals“.


What is the investment?

A fixed fee that generally ranges between 3,800 and 4,500 EUR + 5% of the managed budget + VAT.

What are the advantages of a fixed fee? I explain them here.

I DON’T ACCEPT COMMISSIONS FROM SUPPLIERS! So what’s your advantage? I’ll explain it here.