I received Anna’s first e-mail in March to organize her wedding in early July. Looking at what we did, I must admit that it nearly was a miracle, and Anna and Andrea made it possible. They are the couple that all the wedding planners dream to meet, sooner or later. They are extremely bright and charismatic, but also blessed with a great practical sense, capable to understand when, who and what to delegate, fast and firm in their decisions, able to enjoy every single moment. And I really enjoy with them all the steps in the organisation process. Anna and I often chatted overnight, laughing in front of the phone screen as two teenagers on a school trip . The team (and what a team guys!), was identified at the speed of light to be able to focus on all the operational details and productions.

The location, their way of being and all the hints I was given, lead to develop a Botanical theme and atmosphere. Mr. Compost (this is how someone calls Andrea) is particularly keen on the environment preservation, and both of them love nature in all its manifestations. They both love a book which is a perfect metaphor for their life and their affective relationships : There’s No Such Place as Far Away, by Richard Bach. It is a short story with 5 birds as main characters, and a profound reminder that miles cannot truly separate us from friends… that those whom we love are always with us, every moment of the infinite celebration we call life. Anna and Andrea live in Boston and work in Princeton, she runs a family business and he teaches Physics at University. Their families live in Italy, and they have friends all around the world who they cannot see as much as they would like to… yet you must believe me when I say that the love they have been surrounded by in Their Day was an almost physical presence, tangible, lingered in the air like the smell of moss in the woods.

The story of Bach and the five birds fit perfectly well in our botanical scheme, and every single detail “magically” found its place as we moved on with the organization.

We were surrounded by breath taking nature, in the Natural Reserve of Mount Subasio, and a pearl such as Assisi, framed their civil ceremony.

The Botanical theme was a great inspiration for all the stationary and the so called “creative suite”, and the hummingbird, the little bird in the opening of the book, become our companion.

The guests were welcomed on Friday night in the beautiful estate where the reception also took place. The wedding was celebrated by the Major on Saturday morning in the beautiful Palazzo dei Priori in Assisi, followed by a formal wedding reception. After which the guests were left free for a couple of hours, they dressed more casual and then joined the evening party. We also organized some activities for the Sunday morning such as a bird-watching trip, and a pic-nick.

I loved this wedding so much. The paper umbrellas, the bunting, the customized photo-booth, the pizza party, the coloured sunglasses, the smartphone app the guests shared their pics with, the flipbook sent after the wedding along with the thank you notes, the confetti bags personalized with the stamp of the hummingbird, assembled together with the forget-me-not seeds …There are so many details that I loved about this wedding that it is hard for me to choose my top-five … nevertheless I will try:

-The booklet: the story of Bach was rewritten and illustrated and became a nice little booklet with a fabric cover – used as an escort card for all the guests.

-The video: the story also inspired a video production, which was a surprise for the groom, and was projected during the evening party.

-The welcome bags: natural cotton bags with customized print, full of goodies to be found by guests in their room upon arrival. My favourite gadget was a metal water bottle with our laser engraved logo.

While the children received lovely lunch boxes with lots of toys combined for each of them according to gender and age.

– The invitation: listed on the back was the flora and fauna of the natural reserve we were staying in.

-The floral arrangements: the terrariums in bowls and glass of various shapes and sizes (we even got a few glass containers with our hummingbird engraved), little wood logs, nests, ferns, mosses and flowers celebrated in their individuality as the botanical approach requires.

I want to thank the whole team: the amazing Ania and Michael who fixed made the memories of that day forever in their beautiful pictures, Valeria and Alberto who edited our story in an adorable video,

Paolo and Joanna for the flawless service and for their usual flexibility; thanks to Laura and Alessandro who made arrangements and decorations above all expectations, thanks to Francesca that despite being stuck in bed after a car accident, was our angel always present behind the scenes, thanks to Barbara , who helped me from the very first to the last minute, thanks to Giorgio the chef and his team that never said no, and I mean never.

They were unforgettable days, of which I will cherish a wonderful memory. Thank you.


Wedding Design and planning: That Day di Monica Ferraris www.thatday.it

Videos: Videare www.videare.com

Photo shooting: RutkoPhotographers www.rutkophotographers.com/

Invitations & stationary: That Day di Monica Ferraris www.thatday.it

Flowers: Mutabilis www.mutabilislab.com/

Catering and Location: Le Silve di Armenzano www.lesilve.it/

Ceremony: Palazzo dei Priori, Assisi

DJ, light and audio equipment: Arte Luce www.arteluce.info/

Bride dress: Chanel (both the morning and the night suites), shoes: Louboutin