What a chic bride! She is wearing a beautiful wedding gown especially designed for her by the talented stylist Elena Pignata. The ceremony took place in an enchanting  and cozy chapel on the top of a hill and the reception has been held in a wonderful castle. A rich buffet in a lovely garden, sax and piano to welcome guests inside for the dinner inside. A dreamy atmosphere and a thousand details to make this event really unique.

Who is that lucky to be able to say “I met my soulmate when I was 4 years old?” It happened to Virginia and Edoardo, as their own parents were friends since they were still little babies. The first pictures they have together, where a 4 years old baby Virginia hugs a cute little Edoardo,  has been framed and used to decorated the photo-booth wooden wall. And the sentence “I know you since ever. Now. And Forever” has been calligraphed and used on many materials and items.

You can see their video qui.

Many wishes to my wonderful couple!


Foto allestimenti@ChiaraFiori/Galileo Tarricone

Video @Videare