This photo shoot took place in a very particular location: the industrial spaces where the Variante Bunker (Torino, Italy) was born are full of street artworks, ranging from graffiti to installations and poster art made by Italian and globally known international artists. The name comes from the real bunker used during WW2 which is currently below the existing structure and is still accessible.

Inspired by this unique setting, we decided to embrace the strength of the bare industrial environment and the vibrant artistic installations, softening the sharpest angles with some boho-chic details and romantic-boho wedding gowns. The creative suite features some lace-like white/blu patterns, as inspired by the lace-street artwork created by the polish artist Nespoon, while the cake was designed with the vivid colors of the portrait painted by the spanish street artist BToy.

For the floral decorations we used wild and natural foliage, to create a strong contrast with the urban environment.

In three words: Love+Art+Urban.

Photography: Aldo Giarelli
Location: Variante Bunker
Stationary: THAT DAY Wedding planning
Concept, coordination and props: THAT DAY di Monica Ferraris
Wedding gowns: Atelier Il Sogno
Florals and props: Opificio Floreale
Vintage letters & comics lights rentals: Letterarium
Cake Design: Delight & Design
Make up artist: Rossana Curci
Model: Martina Pace