Eleonora and Fulvio are first and foremost two wonderful individuals, but they also make a truly beautiful couple.

For their wedding, we immediately decided to adopt a “shabby chic” mood, with a prominence of white with natural colours and fabrics, and a little touch of vintage.

The concept definition on the other hand was a little more time consuming.

I thought and thought, and thought again: about their passion for cooking (a real passion, not just a vague interest) and their many other interests. Then finally I came up with the perfect idea that I could develop for them and their guests: an “Author’s Menu”, a full menu inspired by great authors of world-renowned novels and movies.

Food with a wider scope, hence not intended just to feed the body, but nurture the soul as well.

Food to make someone fall in love, or feel relaxed, happy, or perhaps even jealous.

The kitchen is effectively a place where you cook and eat, but it is moreover a place where to meet, to celebrate, to love and to comfort.

Food and cuisine, in latter definitions, have been dealt with by many famous writers and directors.

Stefano Benni, Isabel Allende, Martin Scorzese, Nora Ephron, Andrea Camilleri, Laura Esquival are only a few of the many authors who offered us some beautiful descriptions, situations and moods encompassing food and cooking.

I’ll tell you ten things I like of this wedding.

Number One. The menu-cookbook.

For each guest, we developed and produced a book describing, for each of the dishes to be served, the novel passage or movie scene the dish was inspired by. The catering service then very kindly provided the detailed recipe for each dish, so it could also be cooked at home.

The menu was made with an elegant fabric hardcover, a satin ribbon fastening and a specially applied printed-paper logo: in a word, a valuable cuisine memento to be kept by each guest, among their books and cookbooks.

Incidentally we also used it as an escort card (each with guest name and assigned place), during the day of the event!

Number Two. The invitation

It also contained quotes borrowed from well-known authors to describe the couple’s vision of food and their understanding of hospitality and sharing. Front and back covers were lined with fabric (same as menu), and singer sewn, the pages inside were printed on translucent paper in combination with a felt-marked ivory paper.

Number Three. The Video.

The story of how they met and fell in love, and of their vision of food and cooking, became a four-minute video, shot a couple of months before the wedding and shown to their guests just after lunch (a short 30-second teaser posted on their website acted as small anticipation).

The couple, the production and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting this video. I personally believe the result is amazing: creative, full of emotion and details.

The first part of the video is about their story, while the second (by the way, the transition idea was super! Well done, Valeria!) is about them cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning and the preparation of a strawberry jam. You can see it here.

Number Four.

The theatrical performance.

The video projection was just the final piece of a bigger performance, involving seven artists and an ad-hoc script. An eccentric chef mixed art with cuisine, people with ingredients, while the ÙSignoraÙ and Silvano greeted the guests inviting them to join their odd, funny and weird world.

Number Five. The Strawberry Jam.

The jam Eleonora and Fulvio made in the video was being made by them in actual fact for each of their guests: given as takeaway and provided in little glass jars with hand written vintage tags and covered with fabric coordinated to menu and invitations.

Number Six. The Catering.

What a great display, both for the buffet with glass jars and ceramic serving stands, and with the service at the table (hints and suggestions were included in the menu/cookbook)!

To enjoy not only the resulting food but also the cooking phase, there were lots of corners with a “live” preparation: among them the cheese and the sushi makers. At the end, a delicious chocolate fountain was set-up for guests; and for those who wanted to stay till verylate, a nice evening happy hour with hot dogs and hamburgers.

Pearl Number Seven. The Table.

After the welcome buffet, the seated lunch was served to the 140 guests on a single rectangular table, placed in the very long (40 meters!) hall of the tun-shed of the location we had chosen.

The set-up was carefully planned with bespoke details such as a 40 meter runner in natural cord colour linen (same fabric as the one used on the jam jars), a floral arrangement of gypsophila and lisianthus for all the length of the table, and a unique and impressive decoration suspended above it.

As a final touch: a green apple with an inserted pin and place number.

Pearl Number Eight. The location.

The location we chose for the event has a charm of its own. It doesn’t have the austerity and rigour of a castle, but it maintains a castle’s dimensions and distribution of spaces, that make it so varied and versatile. Its beauty, at times neglected, nevertheless entices as much as the beauty of a woman without make-up. The greenhouses are absolutely unique.

Pearl Number Nine. The ceremony.

Eleonora and Fulvio celebrated their wedding in the picturesque setting of Palazzo Granieri della Roccia, right in the centre of Turin. This magnificent building, first dating back to the XVI century, has since 1860 become the seat of the Circolo degli Artisti – the Artists’ Club – and it has hosted events and performances by Italian musicians and artists ever since.

A wonderful grand piano available in the building was marvellously played by able the hands of Sergio De Gennaro, accompanied by a violin on an ad-hoc repertoire studied for Eleonora and Fulvio’s event.

Pearl Number Ten. The guest book.

Not a book, neither a collection of cards, but a drawing of a tree with its branches printed on a large canvas, where the guests could place their fingerprint “leaf”. The painting remained with the newlyweds as a memory of that day and of the participant family and friends.

A brief film edit that recounts the love poem and atmosphere of that day has been inserted in the gallery. Enjoy it!


Wedding Design and planning: That Day di Monica Ferraris www.thatday.it
Videos: Videare www.videare.com
Photo shooting: Ivana Porta http://www.ivanaporta.com/en/
Invitations & stationary: That Day di Monica Ferraris www.thatday.it
Flowers: Opificio Floreale
Suspended paper flower decorations and bride hair accessory: Mutabilis http://www.mutabilislab.com/
Catering: Arte a Tavola http://www.larteatavola.it/
Ceremony: Palazzo Graneri della Roccia Torino
Reception: Castello di San Sebastiano Po http://www.castellosansebastiano.it/
Theatre performances: Teatro della Caduta http://www.teatrodellacaduta.org/
DJ and audio equipment: Arte Luce
Groom and Bride attire: tailor made creations by Ombra di Foglia http://www.ombradifoglia.com/