Reyana was born in South Africa, she lives in Amsterdam, and her smiles are appeared on some of the most prestigious fashion magazines.

Paolo is from Udine, he lives in Milan and always travels for work around the globe to produce TV commercials and movies.

And it could really be the beginning of a movie, because Paolo met Reyana for the first time on a shooting in Kenya and for that commercial she was playing the role of a shining bride. It was love at first sight.

Reyana and Paolo decided to get married in Italy at Cinque Terre, where last summer they promised “for ever”.

Monica receives a very precise brief from Reyana: “I’d like a Mamma Mia wedding” referring to the well-known movie with Meryl Streep as the main character.

Monica watches the movie again, extracts the key frames where the setting and décor is more visible and analyzes them with Reyana. She tries to understand how to recreate the atmosphere and the overall situation, by also providing a personal interpretation in response to all the couple’s requests.

Reyana is excited by the project that she is presented with; she is also coherent in her choices, punctual with her feedback, and in agreement with her groom. Such a perfect bride deserves a perfect result.

The guests were welcomed in their rooms between Thursday and Friday night in the enchanting village of Vernazza, perhaps the most beautiful of the Cinque Terre, the most picturesque, the most peculiar. Vernazza does not have any luxury hotels (the guests stayed in typical B&Bs facing the sea or set in some nice and typical Ligurian “carrugiÙÙ), no shopping centre, the narrow streets are all pedestrian, going up the hill and down toward the sea again; everything is within walking distance and the cars need to be left in a parking area far from the village.

In this typical Ligurian village, on June 13th, Reyana and Paolo were married by the Major, in a lovely Church which is now municipality property. Celebrant and spouses celebrated the marriage around a beautiful grand piano; for the occasion the famous aria from “Le nozze di Figaro” was played. The bride walked in accompanied by the romantic “Moon River” by Henry Mancini from the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Orange, deep pink, red and yellow are the strong colours used for the setting and the coordinated image. Spheres made by gerberas and sisal, laid on the floor or on wooden structures, together with single flowers hung up on walls.

After the ceremony, the spouses led a nice corteo through the narrow stone streets down the hill.

Once on the main street of the village, it was time to fulfil a local tradition: the “benediga”. Having seen The Balcony decorated with strings and flowers right from the morning, all the local citizens were waiting for the moment. So the spouses threw something like 30 kilos of sweets, candies and confetti from that balcony. The guests, together with many tourists and the local inhabitants, collected everything and gave their blessing to the couple.

Other one hundred steps, spouses and guests reached the reception venue: a beautiful perched on the sea, with a breathtaking view, a friendly and family feeling, all in a perfect “Mamma Mia” style.

The place was done up in the movie atmosphere: glass vases with candles and flowers hung up on the pergola and on the long rectangular tables positioned in a “U” shape. Colour, colour, colour: the water in the vases, the Plexiglas circles hung up, the big parasols, the water glasses, the ribbons used to indicate each guest name on a chair.

On the table cards, as on the menus, and on the welcome letters (placed in each guest room), and on the cards inserted in the confetti bags, the image of nine gerberas flowers in deep pink-yellow-orange tones.

The American style wedding cake was also decorated with gerberas.

A DJ kept the dances going and the local liquor named “sciacchetra’” was served till late in the night.

It was nice for the spouses to see all the guests again for breakfast the following morning, in the Main Square, and to be greeted again with “it was a beautiful day…”.


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Saturday June 13th, 2009

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